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Died 23 November 1838
Age 36
Cemetery Prince Olav Harbour (Pig Point)
Grave Ref 7
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This grave is not in the main cemetery but down at Pig Point, on a hilltop next to the piggery.

p07dmReplica grave marker in 2010




Mate of Schr Mary

Jane of N York

Capt Joseph E Parsons

Died Nov 23rd AD 1838

in this port on board

of the brig Medina

of N York Capt

Elijah Hallett

aged 36 Years

An honest man


The two named vessels, Mary Jane and Medina, sailed together hunting Fur seals for their fur.

The original grave marker was removed to the Museum at Grytviken in March 1998. It has been replaced by a replica, built by Curator Tim Carr. Due to fur seal density the replica could not be replaced in the original position so at the time of writing (November 2004) it is not in the correct position. In November 2010 the original spot was still marked with a piece of pipe, about two metres away.

A photograph of the original marker, by Bob Burton, shows it the other way round.

p07cmPhoto: Robert Burton

p07emPipe shows original position.

p07bmThe original grave marker in the Museum at Grytviken.